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If you crave deep tissue massage, you’ll love Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy®.

Inspired by Eastern massage techniques and adapted from ancient forms of barefoot massage, Ashiatsu (Ashi = foot; atsu = pressure) is a highly effective treatment for individuals who suffer from chronic neck and back pain. It combines elements of Thai Massage, Japanese Shiatsu, and India’s Keralite massage, with underlining dynamics in the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Many clients swear they will never go back to traditional hand massage after experiencing Ashiatsu.

How Does Ashiastu Work?

Like traditional Swedish massage Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy® is performed on a massage table. During treatment, the massage therapist, supported by parallel wooden bars suspended from the ceiling, applies deep foot pressure to strategic points along the spine and body to achieve maximum muscle compression – as gentle or deep as you like. Ashiatsu’s one and two-footed strokes distribute pressure evenly over a large area of the body, thereby providing deep, relaxing massage without the pain often associated with traditional deep tissue massage. Asiahtsu draws on the power of the massage therapists legs and the weight of our body to impact the deeper muscle layers as well as more accessible surface tissues.

Why Ashiatsu? While I worked at another Steamboat Day Spa, a friend gave me an Ashiastu massage. I was so impressed with how she could massage several muscle groups at once simply with the heel of her foot. The deep pressure and long smooth strokes were extremely relaxing, and they loosened up my back instantly. I love how Ashiatsu can give you the same therapeutic results as a deep tissue massage in a strangely gentle way. – Lori, Emerald Moon, Massage Therapist

What is the biggest difference between a Deep, Swedish Massage and Barefoot Deep Tissue Massage?

Ashiatsu is a deep, structural massage that creates more space in the body. The strokes elongate the spine in a way that Swedish and Deep Tissue cannot. Since the foot has a large surface area, it covers more tissue, with the result that greater pressure can be applied without causing discomfort or pain, and can be held for an extended period of time, thus stimulating a larger area at one time and increasing a larger amount of circulation.

What are the Benefits of Ashiatsu Massage?

An hour (or more!) of Ashiatsu does wonders for the body. Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy® decreases inflammation, increases lymphatic flow and circulation, and stimulates the body’s own self healing capabilities. The deep pressure moves toxins out of the muscles to be flushed out later (that’s why we recommend drinking several glasses of water after a deep massage). Like other massage therapies, it lengthens muscles to release them from their painful contracted state.

It is particularly effective on the muscles of the lower back, gluts, the length of the spine, hamstrings and shoulders, so it is often chosen by athletes and others affected in these areas. Following treatment, clients experience deep relaxation, pain relief, improved posture, and enhanced physical structure and balance.

Who Should Try Ashiatsu?

Ashiatsu is highly effective for large athletes, individuals with thick musculature, and people who enjoy deep tissue massage. It is also recommended for individuals who suffer from chronic neck and back pain, scoliosis, bulging/herniated discs, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, and spondylosis.

Although beneficial for many, Ashiatsu is not for everyone. Before I perform any massage therapies on any of my clients, we address health conditions and medication prior to receiving treatment as contraindications may apply.

Does Ashiastu Cost More than Swedish Massage?

Most Asihatsu massage therapists charge more than they do for traditional Swedish massage. At Emerald Moon Massage, I charge one rate for either massage therapy. This way, I can use either medium to focus on, and remedy problem areas.

  • 60 minute full body massage – $80
  • 90 minute full body massage – $120
  • 120 minute fusion massage – $160
    A two hour trip to heaven – 60 minute Ashiatsu massage, the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet combined with 60 minutes of traditional Swedish massage and Trigger point work on targeted neck and shoulder muscles. You deserve the best of both worlds – treat yourself!
  • Indulgent Add-on: 30 minute Trigger Point Therapy for the Neck and Shoulders – $50
    Sitting at a desk, driving too much and gripping those handlebars for hours can wreak havoc on the neck, shoulders and upper back. Using Trigger Point Therapy and deep tissue work, find relief from the chronic tension that seems to take up residence in this area.

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