Well, it’s been a crazy fast year.  First of all, I had a baby on the last day of February!  That was a game-changer.  She is beautiful, healthy and at the risk of sounding cliche, the best thing that has ever happened to my husband and I!  We wanted a baby for a very long time, and the Universe provided.

So becoming a mom changed my whole outlook on life, as they say it does.  As soon as I held her, I knew that I had to be her main caretaker.  No judgement on any mom who choses differently, or who doesn’t have a choice and needs to use daycare right away.  I just couldn’t do it, and so I have had to take a step back from Emerald Moon Massage.  I’m back to work, but very minimally.

I know that Emerald Moon Massage will continue, and I’ll be back to work at a bigger capacity in the future.  But at this point, I just don’t know when that will be.  I’m very much enjoying spending so much time with my daughter, while she is still so little!  (almost 10 months old)  This phase won’t last forever, and I can’t believe how fast the past 10 months have already gone.  I’ll reassess the situation in the Spring.  And keep you posted!  Thanks for understanding, and take care of yourselves.

A review, of sorts, of ‘Kundun’. Does this apply to massage?

Yesterday, I watched the movie “Kundun“, the story of The Dalai Lama. Fascinating!  I knew that he had fled from Tibet a long time ago, but didn’t know the full story.  The movie begins with a monk’s spiritual search for him, his childhood in Tibet as a leader-in-training, his attempts at negotiation with Mao Tse-tung, and his eventual decision and action to flee to India from Tibet.  I was so interested in the training that he received, as well as the insight into Tibetan culture at that time, which was between 1935, when he was born, and 1959, when he fled Tibet.

The reason I’m blogging about it is that I can’t stop thinking about some incredible moments in the movie.   Chinese representatives were constantly telling The Dalai Lama and his prime ministers, and the world, that China was there to ‘liberate’ Tibet.  That Tibet was so behind-the-times, they would be swallowed up by another country, so China was there to save them from eventual doom.  But of course they only wanted to exploit and control the people and land of Tibet.  Sadly, the Dalai Lama appealed to Britain and the United States, but received no aide.  The Chinese continued to lie about the situation, while waging war on the peaceful, non-violent, devout Buddhist people of Tibet.  The Dalai Lama went to Peking to meet with Mao Tse-tung to try to explain the Tibetan point of view.  He tried to have intelligent conversations with Mao, and told Mao that he actually agreed with some of the socialist views.  However, Mao’s parting words to the Dalai Lama were, “Religion is the opiate of the masses.”  I understand that this was a movie, but the look on the face of the man playing The Dalai Lama was so tragic and poignant, as he realized that he would never be able to wage peace for Tibet.

I couldn’t help but cringe when Mao delivered this message.  I have quoted that quote before.  And sure, religion is the root of a lot of trouble in the world.  But as far as Buddhism in Tibet goes, I now see that this quote is much too simply stated.  Maybe Buddhism in Tibet at the time before the Chinese invasion of 1949 was as close as a culture would come to religion and state being one, and as close to a peaceful society as is possible.  These are people who believe in compassion for all living beings, consequences for all actions, suffering being a state of mind, and meditation to realize that we are not our thoughts and feelings; we are not our egos.  Another poignant moment in the film is when The Dalai Lama is having a discussion with a high-ranking Chinese officer about the Tibetan ‘liberation’ by the Chinese.  He says to the officer, ‘You cannot liberate me.  Only I can liberate myself”.  That is what Tibetan Buddhism is, self-liberation.  That might be under the worst possible human circumstances, and unfortunately it was and still is so much of the time on Earth.

The Dalai Lama did not want to flee Tibet, he resisted it for 10 years, despite recommendations by his advisors.  The movie suggests that many of the people of Tibet realized the futility of the situation with the Chinese, and feared too much for him and his life, so they begged him to go and be safe.  I only had known of the teachings of The Dalai Lama in the last 10 years or so.  He fled Tibet in 1959.  His continued traveling with messages of peace, compassion and non-violence inspire millions of people.  The attention he has brought to Tibet is tremendous.  If this man is the opiate of the masses, I’ll take it.

I am not a practicing Buddhist, and the intention of this blog was not to recruit or to push my beliefs.  I just couldn’t stop thinking about this one man’s incredible journey on this earth.   Buddha was just a man, and that is how The Dalai Lama sees himeslf too.  If his words and actions inspire others to be more buddha-like, then his mission is accomplished.

And now, How does this apply to massage?  Well, when I’m giving a massage, I’m of course trying to sooth sore muscles and to help the person to relax.  A big part of truly relaxing is to get out of one’s head-which is like meditation.  When someone ‘zones out’, they are not ‘thinking’.  Their autonomic nervous system-which operates largely below the level of consciousness-dominates.  My hope is, more relaxed and less sore people make for more peaceful people!

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One of my favorite quotes:

The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers and lovers of all kind.

Dalai Lama



Manage Pain and Stress With Massage

Ashiatsu picWe have a chemical in our brains called Substance P. This chemical is related to pain. Massage actually reduces this chemical, creating less pain! A study has been done on people with Fibromyalgia, and the tests show less of Substance P after frequent massages. This information is from a Newsweek article called “Five Surprising Benefits of Massage”. The article also states that massage reduces Cortisol, the stress hormone, in the body. High levels of Cortisol contribute to poor thyroid function and cognitive ability, higher blood pressure, lowered immunity, and increased belly fat. We want to positively control Substance P and Cortisol! Massage will help you manage your pain and stress.

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Receiving Frequent Massages

I recently gave a massage to a client who is very physically active, and in great shape. However, his upper back was incredibly tight, and causing him a lot of pain every day. I asked him when his last massage was, and he replied, ” I don’t remember, maybe 3 months ago?” Yikes, no wonder his back was so tight! When you exercise frequently, muscles are strengthened and maintained. However, exercise doesn’t necessarily increase flexibility.

Strenuous exercise, in fact, causes small tears in muscle fibers, which in turn causes inflammation. Massage has been proven to slow the compounds that cause this inflammation. Massage also plays an important role in cell repair and function. (“How Massage Heals Sore Muscle”s, by Nicholas Bakalar)

It would be convenient if it were, but exercise is not enough to loosen up, relax, and feel your best. Not to mention, how awesome is a massage? We should be thankful that we need them! Once a month would be good, two times a month is even better. Do the best thing you can do for your body after a vigorous workout, or after a day of skiing or snowboarding at Steamboat Resort! Book your massage with me today!

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Couple’s Massage in Steamboat

Emerald Moon Massage in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, does offer couple’s massages! Emerald Moon Massage is located in an office building that has many other holistic therapies being performed. And lucky for me, the woman in office right next door is a wonderful massage therapist, Valerie Pearl, of Serenity Massage. She and I can do couple’s massages two different ways.

One way is if the clients want massages at the same time, but don’t need to be in the same room. This way, one of the clients can receive an Ashiatsu Massage from me. Valerie doesn’t perform Ashiatsu, but she is an amazing massage therapist who does an excellent Swedish or Deep Tissue massage! I’ve partnered up with her for couples massages because I can recommend her massage whole-heartedly.

The other way we can do couples massages is by fitting two tables into Valerie’s office. That way, the clients can receive Swedish/Deep Tissue massages while they are laying next to each other. For any couple’s massage, call and book as soon as you can, so that Valerie and I can coordinate our schedules to make it work!

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Holiday Season in Steamboat

I read this quote on Thanksgiving. “Two of the most powerful words in the English language for bringing about change are ‘thank you.’ Especially when offered before the change even occurs and everything still looks pretty much like it did yesterday.” This is a very slow time of year for a massage therapist in Steamboat! It doesn’t help that the snow has not really begun to fly. It is going to be 50 degrees today, and here it is almost December! I’m not worried, though.

Some of our best snowy winters have gotten off to a very slow start. And, rather than stressing about how I’m not very busy right now, I’m enjoying the time I have to accomplish many things that I’ve needed to get done! As well as enjoying the beautiful sunshine each day, and doing one of my favorite things to do, take those hikes. They are a little muddy, but still doable.

I am someone who craves change. Sure, I get comfortable and set with things like anyone. But I always strive to learn, grow, and expand. I strive to breathe deeper than the last breath! Change can bring about a lot of fear. So can wondering about the future. Remembering to be thankful for today, that is very important. And like the quote says, I am going to choose to be thankful for the changes that are yet to come. I choose to have faith in the bright future!

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Fall Back today!

So today we ‘fell back’. In the past, I’ve always dreaded this day. I’m into the later light at night, for sure!

But I’ve had a shift. For the past 2 weeks, I’ve realized how much more of a morning person I’ve become in the last year. I found myself strongly disliking the dark mornings. I NEVER thought I’d be like that! I’m really very different this year than last year!

In the last year, I’ve changed my routine to going to bed 1-2 hours earlier than I used to. Being a massage therapist, I rarely need to be up early in the morning. However, I now realize how much I love getting up early and enjoying the peace of the morning. My mind is clearer, and I can actually get a lot of things done in that time. Also, I came to realize very quickly that although I’m getting the same amount of hours of sleep, I feel much better being on this earlier schedule. It just suits me the best! It took me a long time to get here, but I’m here. And now I treasure my new discovery about myself.

I always would have labeled myself a ‘late-nighter’, until last year. It is so funny and amazing to learn new things about yourself and evolve as life goes on. We are always learning, if we are open to it!

Let me help you get a great night’s sleep! Massage is so relaxing and renewing, you’ll feel great about yourself during and afterwards. Are you ready to book your Ashiatsu Massage today? Do you live in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, or are you traveling here soon? Email Lori at lori@emeraldmoonmassage.com, or call (970) 846-2346. Take care, and enjoy this new season!

Slowing Down

I recently received a massage. Although it was very therapeutic, it was not the most relaxing massage. I prefer a combination of the two. One way that I, as a massage therapist, achieve this is by slowing down. I was reminded of this when my therapist moved at a fast-pace, and I found it disruptive. Slow and steady is the way to go!

By slowing down, I allow the muscles to melt under my feet. The muscles are encouraged to relax, rather than being shocked by the pressure on them and tensing up more as a result. Deep relaxation must be coaxed, not forced.

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What is Mental Toughness?

I’ve thought a lot about ‘mental toughness’ this weekend. I was watching US Open Tennis, and noticed that the commentators speak a lot about the mental toughness of the competitors. It is the final weekend of US Open Tennis, so all of the players left are the best of the best, having won many matches against other top players in order to get to the last weekend. The talent and ability of these players is clear. But the interesting thing about tennis is, you only have yourself to rely on when a match, game or point gets challenging. There isn’t a team, per say-the player is out there by themself, no one to talk to but their own inner monologue. They’ve trained physically and fought, and made it to a match against an equally talented opponent. So, staying positive, believing in oneself, dispelling fear and doubt, that is crucial for these players to win!

I’m finding that mental toughness is so incredibly important for me to work on every single day. When a negative thought enters my mind, I counter it with a positive one. When my inner monologue is full of fear and doubt, I take a few breaths and try to recognize those thoughts for what they are-I have the power to change them! It is constant work and care, and some days are worse and harder than others. But, I believe that I am making myself tougher, and so I keep on trying.

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Deep Structural Massage

Just thought I’d say a bit about receiving a deep structural massage such as the Ashiatsu Massage I perform. This type of massage gets deep into the tissues, loosening up the muscles in a surprisingly relaxing way. Because of the pressure and technique used, an Ashiatsu Massage can affect the body in a profound way.

So you may feel a bit tender after your Ashiatsu Massage. This is completely normal. I am sure the tenderness you feel is so much more tolerable than the pain that you felt before you received your massage. That tenderness will subside, and you will be left with a looser, more comfortable body than you had before your massage! You’ll be relaxed and rejuvenated.

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