Tipping is not only discouraged, it is not allowed. We all sincerely understand and respect the no tipping policy. Instead of tipping, please recommend us to your friends and family so they might enjoy the experience that you did.

Why no tipping?
There are several reasons why Emerald Moon Massage has established a no-tipping policy.

  • Tipping Stress. As you know, tipping can be downright stressful. How much is the standard tip? 15 percent? 20 percent? Do you tip if the owner gives you a massage? By removing the tipping element, Emerald Moon feels that we offer a more relaxing overall experience.
  • No Hidden Costs. At Emerald Moon Massage, the printed price on the service menu is the price you pay for your treatment. You don’t need to think about numbers after such a blissful experience.
  • Professionalism. Our massage therapists are highly trained and educated. They have attended professional and reputable schools. Other professionals that have similar education, licensure, or continuing education requirements are not tipped for service.
  • Service.The purpose of tipping, at least historically, is to reward a higher level of service. We provide each and every guest with the same outstanding level of personal service.
  • Tax Implications.The service industry has been under increased scrutiny regarding the reporting of tips. By removing tips from our services, we avoid potential tax liabilities and fines.

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